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What’s the Relationship Between Physical and Mental Health?

Nobody today questions the significance of physical health. And experts like Dr John Toussaint have established a solid link between mental health and our physical well being. But what is the this link? It helps for a patient to acknowledge when their medical symptoms are caused by a mental complication, in which case, treatment should include both mental and medical remedies.

What is Mental Illness?

The diagnosis of mental illness is based on specific criteria. Ordinarily, an individual’s thought patterns, conduct, and interaction with other people can help decide how mentally unwell they are. As such, most mental health problems manifest in the form of depression or anxiety, inability to manage emotions, and negative thought patterns. Likewise, it’s very usual for a mentally sick person to experience low confidence levels, hard times with relationships and socializing, or even suicidal thinking or acts.
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It is vital to have good physical health to enhance or maintain mental wellness, credible research has shown. Also, poor physical health can cause mental health complications.
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Exercising is believed to be capable of blocking damaging thoughts or distracting people from their daily troubles. Through exercises, you could adjust the levels of particular crucial chemicals in the brain, for instance serotonin and endorphins, bringing about positive feelings. And when you eat a nutritious diet, you can improve brain function. Additionally, sleeping well each day leads to higher energy levels as well as faster recovery from sickness. Yet, mental health complications are usually triggered by other factors like genetics.

It’s also thought that poor mental health is tied to increased exposure to physical illnesses. Studies shows that these complications may include heart and musculoskeletal diseases and obesity. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that typifies the relationship between poor psychological health and physical disorders. Once you’ve experienced trauma, brain function patterns are altered and the brain reacts more sensitively to specific triggers of stress, resulting in PTSD, sometimes.

Mostly, PTSD is triggered by chronic trauma, although a single event may trigger it as well. When the autonomic nervous system undergoes multiple cycles of stress, these are transmitted to the body where they cause wear and tear. In the end, PSTD leads to a physical effect on the body.

Clearly, poor mental health may trigger various physical complications, and poor physical health may negatively affect your psychological wellness. It helps to see your doctor, for instance Dr John Toussaint, for help solving your physical/psychological disorder. Although medical investigation and treatment are typically given to resolve medical symptoms, a different remedy should be embraced when a mental issues is the trigger of your physical disorder. A medical issue won’t completely go away if its treatment does not address possible psychological causes.