The Top Rated Online Games for Your Best Pleasure

Having a hard activity can make you feel tired or even stressed with the burden you have. This is the time for you to have a rest and get some relaxation. You can also play online games in accompanying your rest time. Through this article, we are going to share the top rated online games for your best pleasure.

In the category of strategy games online, we choose ‘Super Battle City’ on the top recommendation. This is light game which gives you excitement through funny action and adventure in a big war. In a battle, you will be an army to defeat all the enemies. In every chapter you will gain points which can be used to upgrade your tank. You have to deal with a great strategy to make you survive aftermath. Many reviewers have given 9.06 score from total of 10 rating. After enjoying this game, you have to try a kind of fantastic free puzzle games named ‘Just Button’. In this puzzle game, you have to arrange some block to escape from difficult labyrinth. You have to move the block and open the way to reach the finish line. Your ability in thinking will be challenged by this top rated puzzle game. We also recommend one of the best quest games named ‘Cardinal Quest 2’. Through this game you will revealed the mysterious quest and defeat your enemies. You have to pass the entire mission to get the next access in finishing the quest.

These are the top rated online games recommendation for your great pleasure. You can also freely play those games without any charge.